Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect is now available on Xbox One. Air Guitar Warrior scans players into the game with the console’s Kinect camera which allows gamers to essentially play as themselves. Players can then progress through the levels by triggering a variety of special moves through striking specific poses in front of the Kinect.

The official game description:

Air Guitar Warrior is part music game, part scrolling shooter and full of rock attitude. Wield air guitars that double as weapons on a quest to find a legendary sword-guitar and challenge Heavy Metal Zeus in the Temple of the Rock Gods!

  • Rock your way through 50 hand-painted levels, from post-apocalyptic ruins to the pits of pandemonium
  • 8 guitar weapons, each with 5 tactical fire modes
  • Destroy flaming skulls, ghost vikings, aliens, demons and more
  • Duel with 13 giant bosses
  • Ride 21 vehicles including dinosaurs, sharks with lasers, tigers and jet-powered crocodiles – with different gameplay for flying and ground vehicles
  • Make your own album covers
  • Scroll direction can be changed to support both right-handed and left-handed playing
Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect
Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect
Developer: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Price: $14.99