Windows 10 Creators Update advances security and best-in-class modern IT tools. Microsoft built Windows 10 for modern IT to be safer, more secure and more productive for business with access to powerful new devices and experiences for their employees.

Security intelligence across devices, networks and cloud

The Creators Update will continue to bring new security capabilities to IT administrators to better protect, defend and respond to threats on their networks and devices.

New Windows Security Center will make it easier to monitor, track and act by creating one view of Windows 10 security events in the centralized portal. First released in the Anniversary Update, the Windows Security Center will link to Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, via the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.

There also new actions and insights in Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to investigate and respond to network attacks, including sensors in memory, enriched intelligence and new remediation actions.

  • Enriched Detection. Methods and means attackers use are increasingly varied, complex and well-funded. With the Creators Update Microsoft will expand Windows Defender ATP sensors to detect threats that persist only in memory or kernel level exploits. This will enable IT administrators to monitor loaded drivers and in-memory activities, and to detect various patterns of injection, reflective loading, and in-memory modifications indicating potential kernel exploits.
  • Enriched Intelligence. Enable IT administrators to feed their own intelligence into the Windows Security Center for alerts on activities based on their own indicators of compromise. This added level of insight will enrich machine learning models to identify and block malware more quickly and better protect their unique environment.
  • Enhanced Remediation. New remediation actions in Windows Defender ATP that will give IT administrators the tools to isolate machines, collect forensics, kill and clean running processes and quarantine or block files with a single click in the Windows Security Center and further reduce response time.

Best-in-class modern IT to streamline management

Company built Windows 10 with best-in-class modern IT capabilities through the power of the cloud. Already, IT administrators estimate a 15% improvement in IT management time with Windows 10. The Creators Update will bring simplified IT with new insights coming in the Windows Analytics dashboard, in-place UEFI conversion, a new mobile application management feature and continued improvements to Windows as a service.

Cloud-based insights with Windows Analytics.

Help customers move to Windows 10 more quickly by analyzing their environment to identify app compatibility, device and driver readiness. The additions to the Windows Analytics dashboard will enable organizations to use their own telemetry to provide new insights and ensure compliance on the upgrade, update and device health processes within their organizations.

In-place UEFI conversion

For those customers who have already provisioned modern Windows PCs that support UEFI but installed Windows 7 using legacy BIOS, converting a device to UEFI required an IT manager to repartition the disc and reconfigure the firmware. This meant they would need to physically touch each device in their enterprise. There new simple conversion tool that automates this previously manual work. This conversion tool can be integrated with management tools such as System Center Configuration Manager as part of the Windows 7 to Windows 10 in-place upgrade process.

Mobile application management

New feature that will protect data on personal devices without requiring the device to be enrolled in a Mobile Device Management solution. As employees use their own devices at work more and more, company providing IT with oversight to apply policies to the applications employees use to be productive. This helps keep corporate data more secure without taking on the added responsibility of managing employees’ personal devices.

Continued improvements for Windows as a service

Microsoft enable differential downloads for both mobile and PC devices. This means updates after the Creators Update will only include the changes that have been made since the last update, decreasing the download size by approximately 35%. Also, there improvements to System Center Configuration Manager express updates to help reduce the monthly update size by up to 90%.

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