New tools for work visualizing in Visio. Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 certainly help enterprise customers visualize their data in new and interesting ways.

Visio team goes through the features that Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 has introduced over the last few months, including:

  • Visualize database structures from source data with Visio’s database reverse engineering tool
  • Download templates for industry-specific diagrams; 50 templates and 100 sample diagrams are available
  • Software development and engineering templates that meet industry-wide standards, including the Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.5 for designing software logic flow and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) compliance for creating electrical diagrams.
  • Three new templates for UML 2.5 to help system architects, software engineers, and software developers create diagrams of software-based systems and business processes. These three templates help you create component, deployment, and communication diagrams.
  • Visio Pro for Office 365 plans to bring more than 20 templates and 20 sample education diagrams for core education, education planning, sports, and more (coming soon).