Update Configuration Manager Current Branch build 1606 to 1610. In this post, we install SCCM update 1610 to SCCM 1606.

If need know, what you will get with SCCM update – read here.

1. Start SCCM Console. Go to Administration;

2. Go to Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing;

3. Select update and click in upper menu Install Update Pack;

4. Set check mark Ignore any prerequisite check warnings and install this update regardless of missing requirements and click Next button;

5. Select Features you want to add (some added by default, some not clickable) and click Next button;

6. Choose Validate clients or not. And click Next button;

7. Read and set check mark I accept these License Terms and Privacy Statement and click Next button;

8. Click Next button;

9. Click Close button;

10. You may check installation by clicking on Show Status;

11. Or wait. When installation ready click OK in pop-up windows to install update for console;

12. Console update installation;

13. Update successfully installed;

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