Configuration Manager Discovery methods Part 2. In this post, we finish configuration of “Discovery Methods“.

1. Select and open properties for “Active Directory User Discovery” (Right Mouse Button click and select “Properties” or “Properties” button in upper menu);

2. Set check mark “Enable Active Directory User Discovery” and add AD container by clicking button (see screenshot);

3. Click “Browse” button and select AD container. Add search options and click “OK” button;

4. Open “Polling Schedule” bookmark. Config scheduling for “Full” and “Delta” discovering;

5. In bookmark “Active Directory Attributes” you can add more attributes for importing to SCCM from AD. When finish click “OK” button;

6. In pop-up window click “Yes” button to run discovery as soon as possible;

7. I don’t use “Network Discovery“, so I skip it;

8. Open “Heartbeat Discovery” properties;

9. Set check mark “Enable Heartbeat Discovery” and config interval. When finish click “OK” button;

We config SCCM Discovery Methods. If you have scenarios with “Active Directory Group Discovery” and “Network Discovery” for Enterprise infrastructure – let me know in comments!

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