SCCM Discovery methods Part 1. In this post, we config “Discovery Methods” in SCCM. “Discovery Methods” help you discover new computers and users in your infrastructure.

1. Start your SCCM Console and go to “Administration“;

2. Go to “Overview\Hierarchy Configuration\Discovery Methods“;

3. First config “Active Directory Forest Discovery“.

4. Select and click button “Properties” or click Right Mouse Button and select “Properties“;

5. Set check mark “Enable Active Directory Forest Discovery“. If you wish create boundaries by AD sites – set check mark. If you wish create IP address range boundaries – set check mark. Schedule “Run time” and click “OK” button;

6. If you wish start discovering now – click “Yes” button in pop-up window;

7. In my LAB and Enterprise deployment I don’t use “Active Directory Group Discovery“, so I skip it;

8. Select and open properties (see step “4“) for “Active Directory System Discovery“;

9. Set check mark “Enable Active Directory System Discovery“. Click on button to add AD container (see screenshot);

10. Click “Browse” button and select AD container for discovering. Also, you may select more options for searching. After selecting click “OK” button;

11. Ok we add AD container;

12. You can schedule “Full” and “Delta” discovery in “Polling Schedule” bookmark;

13. Also you may add more attributes for importing to SCCM in “Active Directory Attributes” bookmark;

14. And config excluded options in “Options” bookmark. When you finish – click “OK” button;

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