New Microsoft Office Insider update for iOS with improved inking experience.

New Insider update v2.6 for Office apps on iOS includes:

  • support for custom pens to iOS devices which will allow users to select a personal set of pens and highlighters for inking. The customized set will be available on all Office apps on iOS devices and Windows PCs.
  • New ink effects (effects are metallic pens, rainbow, galaxy, lava, ocean, gold, silver, and more) which will allow users to express their ideas with flair.
  • Support for sketching using the new pencil texture. Using a supported stylus like Apple Pencil, users can simply tilt it to do shading.
  • For PowerPoint added “Pick up where you left off ” feature which will allow users to reopen a presentation and resume working right where they were before.
  • See thumbnail previews while you scroll.

Learn more here.

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