Install SCCM requirements Part 6 finish Roles and Features. In this part, we finish installation of Windows Server Roles and Features.

1. I don’t have Internet access on this machine, so I need specify source path for feature installation (“.NET Framework 3.5“). Click “Specify an alternate source path“;

2. Enter “<windows source files DVD or *iso disk>\sources\sxs” and click “OK” button;

3. Click “Install” button;

4. Installation starts;

5. When installation finish, click “Close” button;

6. Click on yellow triangle and then click “Launch Post-Installation tasks” (finish WSUS installation);

7. Post-installation finished;

8. If you install WSUS with SQL database, go to SQL Server. You will see “SUSDB” file and “SUSDB” database in “SQL Server Management Studio“;

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