Install SCCM 1606 Part 1. At last we reach the “System Center Configuration Manager” (SCCM) installation! We prepare all servers and install all requirements. For the SCCM!

I plan install SCCM 1606 and upgrade it to 1610. As you see I make like-enterprise deployment with separate servers.

But farther I reinstall all LAB to one server (SCCM + SQL) for better work in my network infrastructure (for getting Internet connection). In future, I make all actions in SCCM like on enterprise deployment, not like LAB deployment.

Let’s make SCCM installation on separate server.

1. Mount “DVD” or “*.iso” with SCCM installation files. Run autorun.

2. Click “Install“;

3. Click “Next” button;

4. Select “Install a Configuration Manager primary site” and uncheck “Use typical installation options for a stand-alone primary site“. Click “Next” button;

5. Enter your “License Key” and select option “Current Branch“, click “Next” button. In my case I use option “Install the evaluation edition of this product“;

6. Read all behind links and set check marks. Click “Next” button;

7. If your server has Internet connection choose option “Download required files” and select target folder (“Browse” button). In my case, there is no Internet connection, so I download files on another machine and copy to my server. Click “Next” button;

8. If you choose “Download…” then you see downloading process, in my case it’s verification process (I choose second option in step “7“);

9. Select your languages for SCCM Console and reports (I use only “English“). Click “Next” button;

10. Select “Client Language” and click “Next” button;

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