Install Active Directory role in Windows Server 2016 Part 1. Let’s install Active Directory (AD) role in Windows Server 2016 (Standard) DCSC.

Before installing AD role, you must install DNS role. (DNS – required component for AD).

1. Start your Server and start “Server Manager” console (by default starts after user login);

2. Click Manage (upper menu) and click “Add Roles and Features“;

3. Click “Next” button;

4. Select “Role-based or feature-based installation” and click “Next” button;

5. Select your target server (in my case it’s only one) and click “Next” button;

6. Set check mark “Active Directory Domain Services” (ADDS);

7. In pop-up window click “Add Features” button (added some AD management tools);

8. Click “Next” button;

9. For now we don’t need any “Features“, so click “Next“;

10. Read short text about AD and click “Next” button;

11. You may set check mark “Restart the destination server automatically if required” (by default not required). Click “Install” button;

13. Installation began;

12. After installation complete click “Close” button;

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