How to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus with SCCM Part 8. Hooray, we rich the finish in our “Office 365 ProPlus deployment with SCCM” This is the last part – DEPLOY.

1. Open SCCM Console;

2. Go to “Software Library“;

sccmofficept413. Click on the “Application Management” and then “Applications“;

sccmofficept514. Right Mouse Button click on our “Office 365 ProPlus” application and select “Deploy“;

sccmofficept715. Press “Browse” button to select target collection for deployment;

officesccmpt826. After selecting target collection press “Next“;

officesccmpt837. Distribution point will show up automatically, press “Next“;

officesccmpt848. Configure installation option and press “Next“;

officesccmpt859. I you need that deployment be available for installation later – config time (or live as is) and press “Next“;

officesccmpt8610. Config notifications after installation and press “Next“;

officesccmpt8711. If you need alerts – configure them at this page, press “Next“;

officesccmpt8812. Check summary information and press “Next“;

officesccmpt8913. All good, press “Close”!


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