Guide Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Firewall create inbound rule. Let’s create rule for SQL Server ports (which I’m going to use in SCCM deployment).

  1. Start system and login (with admin rights user);

2. Open Control Panel (you may use search or Right Mouse Button click on Start). Click on Windows Firewall;

3. After that click on Advanced Settings;

4. Windows Firewall console open. If you click on Properties (right side) – you can disable firewall for all networks. We going to Inbound Rules (left side) for our rule creation;

5. Click on New Rule;

6. Rule creation process begin. In my case, I create rule for Inbound TCP ports. For Rule Type select option Port and click Next;

7. For Protocol and Ports select option TCP and Special Local Ports. I use 2 ports for SCCM deploy (8080, 14331) also added standard SQL TCP ports. After entering ports click Next;

8. For Action (in this case leave by default Allow the connection). Click Next;

9. For Profile select all network profiles, click Next;

10. Enter name for your rule (as example SQL TCP), so you can easily find it in future. Click Finish;

11. In the last screenshot, you see two rules, which I created for SQL Server. One for TCP ports and one for UPD port (1434).

If you need more information about SQL Server Windows Firewall ports – read this technet post.