Changing Office 365 ProPlus Update Channel with Configuration Manager. Use the compliance settings in SCCM to change the update channel in Office 365 ProPlus by changing CDNBaseUrl in the registry. Tested with SCCM 1702 Current Branch.


1. Open SCCM Console and navigate to Asset and Compliance – Compliance Settings – Configuration Items;

2. Click in upper menu or Right Mouse Button click and select Create Configuration Item;

3. Enter Name and click Next;

4. Choose preferred Supported Platforms, click Next;

5. At Settings, click New;

6. Leave by default (Registry value) and click Browse;

7. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun\Configuration\ select CDNBaseUrl key and select option The selected registry value must exist on client devices. Click OK;

8. Navigate to Compliance Rules tab;

9. Remove existing rules and click New;

10. Change Equals the following values to your URL, set check mark Remediate noncompliant rules when supported;

List of all Office 365 ProPlus Update Channels URLs:

  • Monthly Targeted: “”
  • Monthly: “”
  • Semi-Annual Targeted: “”
  • Semi-Annual: “”

Whene complete, click OK;

11. Click OK;

12. For Settings, click Next;

13. For Compliance Rules, click Next;

14. For Summary, click Next;

15. When complete, click Close;

16. Now we will create the Configuration Baseline and add the previously created Configuration Item. Right Mouse Button click at Configuration Baselines and select Create Configuration Baselines;

17. Click at Add and select Configuration Items;

18. Select early created configuration item and click Add;

19. Click OK;

20. Click OK;

21. Last step, deploy configuration baseline. Select newly created baseline, Right Mouse Button click and select Deploy;

22. Set check marks (see screenshot), select target Collection, configure schedule and click OK;

23. At client side, you can evaluate this configuration on demand or wait scheduling time.

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